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Meet Our Power Girls!

We believe that brave girls can help change the world! Every month we'll feature a Power Girl who is Bold, Brave and Brilliant!

Amanda Christopher

PowerGirl Amanda Christopher is very ambitious and looks forward to becoming a Filmmaker and Editor. Amanda would like to become a Filmmaker because she loves to work with cameras and the art of making movies.

Amanda is currently in the 11th grade, an Honor Roll Student and a member of The National Honor Society. Her favorite hobbies are photography, filming and drawing.

Amanda credits her Mom as being a positive and major influence in her life. Amanda says “My Mom is my favorite Role Model because she’s been through so much and she still keeps going and learning along the way.” Amanda admires her Mom’s determination, courage and her refusal to give up.

If Amanda could do one thing to make a positive impact on the world, she would end discrimination so that everyone is treated equally no matter their gender, race or sexuality.

Her favorite quote is: “Labels don’t really impress, it’s the uniqueness and risk in décor that inspire” – Bryan Batt

Congratulations PowerGirl Amanda Christopher! YOU ROCK!!

Dejeunè Davis

Power Girl Dejeunè Davis is very ambitious and looks forward to becoming a Psychologist to fulfill her dream of helping people to live powerfully and successfully.  She uses lessons taught to her by her late beloved grandmother as daily inspiration. Dejeunè says that her grandmother instilled in her the importance of loving people and helping them. Dejeunè is currently... Continue»

Alexandra Christopher

With high hopes for the future, Alexandra is very ambitious and wants to be a classical pianist.  Alexandra’s father is a classical music enthusiast and classical music has always been played in her home. Her favorite Classical Compositions are George Frideric Handel’s Coronation and Anthem No. 1 Zadok The Priest.  She also LOVES Alicia Keys! Alexandra has a 4.0... Continue»

Breanna Mikayla

With high hopes for the future, Breanna is very ambitious and wants to be a veterinarian who will be a strong advocate for animals. Breanna is an 8th grade student who’s on the right track for a successful career. She was recently inducted into the National Junior Honor Society and has a 3.5 G.P.A. Breanna is very active on... Continue»
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